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Hygiene and safe patient handling company

We have been serving the midwest since 1994 and our focus continues to be on hygiene and safe patient handling. We carry the RANE tub line, Ergolet ceiling and floor lifts and several other unique products which also includes equipment for handling bariatric patients.

50% of nurses experience career ending back injuries

Faulkner Medical is dedicated to providing the best ceiling lifts, mobile lifts and soft positioning devices in the hospital safety industry.

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Faulkner Medical sells tubs, ceiling lifts, mobile lifts and soft goods for repositioning  and transfer. 

Welcome to Faulkner Medical Equipment and thank you for visiting our website.  Our website is geared around the products we sell and the services we offer.  We are focused on safe patient handling and hygiene.

Rane tubs is the most complete bathing line in the world today.  RANE’s new bariatric tub has the weight capacity of 1000 pounds!  RANE gets the highest ranking from it’s customers and carries the best guarentee in the industry.  RANE has 12 different models to choose from, so whatever your bathing needs are, RANE tubs can fulfill them.

Ergolet, a worldwide ceiling and floor lift manufacturer provides customers solutions up to 1000 pounds.  They feature E-track, a wall mounted track system with several design awards.  It is the most unique ceiling lift in the market today.  Ceiling and floor lift systems are a must with any safe patient handling program. 

Liftseat reduces the risk of staff and patient injury by delivering the hip, knee and ankle joint support required during the sit to stand motion path.  “Liftseat could have significant implications for protecting healthcare workers from muscular skeletal disorders and preventing injury to patients.”  Liftseat is a key product when building a “lift free” environment or if you have a safe patient handling program in your facility.

Hygie is an amazing product that reduces the spread of pathogens like MRSA, C-Diff and VRE.  Hygie is a complete solution, which has a hygienic bedpan cover, a urinal cover and an emis bag.  The polimer in hygie turns 500 cc of liquid into gel in less than 30 seconds.  It is the best and easiest way to prevent the spread of HAI, (Healthcare Aquired Infections.)